Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The disappointment of a cancelled meeting

Dear All Unfortunately the Town Team group meeting scheduled for this coming Thursday (24th May) has been postponed until June 2012. The main reason for this is that we are still waiting for the Government to announce the successful outcome of the Portas Pilot bid. This announcement has been put back until early June. If we are one of the 12 successful bidders, this will provide a good platform for taking forward the proposals discussed and agreed at various meetings. If the bid has been unsuccessful this will provide an opportunity to take stock and decide whether to submit a further bid as part of a later round led by the Council. We also have the opportunity to consider with the Council and the Gensing and Central St Leonards Community Forum ways in which we can enhance the support and coordination for community engagement in Central St Leonards to maximise the benefits of the regeneration taking place. Whist it is disappointing to postpone the meeting at this short notice, for which apologies, we’re sure you will agree that it is best to hold the next meeting once we know the outcome of the Portas bid You will be contacted again shortly with details of the revised arrangements and dates. Best Regards James *********************** WHY NOT SPEND SOME OF THOSE 2 HOURS (with breaks) catching up on St Leonards Community Development activism here?

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Next Town Team meeting (St Leonards on Sea) called for 24th May 2012

James wrote:
I would like to confirm that the next large Town Team group will be meeting on Thursday 24th May, 7pm at the Magnet Centre. I have written up the notes from the last meeting and included the section on the arts which unfortunately were not included at the last meeting.   Finally, from what I can see there seems to be a real buzz and excitement about the town at the moment. This is demonstrated by Ali’s excellent St Leonards community website http://www.stleonardscommunity.co.uk/  and facebook page which had attracted 931 members. In addition the moveable feast seems to be going from strength to strength with the project starting on site today: http://moveablefeastgarden.wordpress.com/ .   April also saw the launch of Very St Leonards, a free magazine which highlights all of the wonderful shops and cafes within St Leonards (http://www.flickr.com/photos/ericahastings/7091044161/ ), I would highly recommend picking up a copy.   Look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting.   Kind Regards   James   James Goodsell Project Officer Local Space Ltd     Local Space Ltd is a Charitable Industrial and Provident Society Registered Number: 29840R.   58 Romford Road London E15 4BZ